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Screenly playback without network

I am trying to use Screenly to run a video loop endlessly in a medical research institute where it is not possible for me to connect the RaspPi to the network because of security rules. I have successfully set up Screenly at home on my wifi, but when I take it into work, Screenly gets stuck asking for a wifi connection. I just need Screenly to playback the video whenever it is powered on (24/7).

How do I do this?


I would skip Screenly and just install Raspberry Pi OS Lite and have it automatically play your video

Use raspi-config to set login to Console Autologin
Add the following command to the end of .bashrc
omxplayer --loop path/to/video.mp4

I would also suggest adding a power button to the GPIO for safe shutdown (Google dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown) or convert the OS to read-only (Overview | Read-Only Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System)

Thanks Neils. I will have to get my programmer colleagues to help me with this one.

What appealed to me about Screenly is that it offers a simple GUI that even I can work it out. Disappointing that it doesn’t have a toggle for turning off the WiFi check for those times where networks are not available, or for when you are on the road setting up in conventions and exhibitions where you need just a simple “play video” box without having to configure each time.