Set zoom level for Assets

Hello, I’m looking for a way to set the zoom level. Unfortunately I found an old manual. I cannot find the folder or file in the current image.

And another small question: Is it correct that the various websites are completely updated again and again or do they remain as they were when they were first started?


I’ll just reply to this since the zoom question is a browser setting that has not been implemented since you were looking probably at the old UZBL browser config settings, this new Anthias for a while now uses QtWebview as the framework for the browser thus if it wasnt originally added to the compile code, then it isnt easily changed as far as I know but I’ll let the Qt SME answer that part if he chimes in.

So, about the websites, I’ve not found anything in the build code or QtWebEngine config that says otherwise, so every time you have an asset that loads I’ve never experienced any stale cache issue.