Wrong IP address on splashscreen

After changing the network and DHCP range on my router, Anthias is getting a new IP from that range and I can access the web interface through this IP.
But the splashscreen is still showing the old IP address !!

The Raspi is intended to run in a network where I do not have access the router. So I have to rely on the splashscreen info.
What can I do to the splashscreen to show the actual IP ?

@nightfever, I’m still working on those changes, alongside other Anthias pull requests.
Meanwhile, if you installed Anthias on a Pi running Raspberry Pi OS Lite, you can do the following:

  • SSH to your Pi. Once you got in, do the succeeding steps.
    • If you know your device’s hostname, you can try: ssh $USER@$HOSTNAME
  • cd ~/screenly
  • docker compose down && ./bin/upgrade_containers.sh
    • Running upgrade_containers.sh will update the IP address (which will then be passed and stored to the Docker containers).

I hope this helps for now.

@nightfever, I just merged this pull request that fixes the IP addresses being displayed on the screen. I hope that this fixes the issue.