Settings & Slides Are Reverting After Updates

This is strange, inconsistent behavior. I’ve noticed that several times, after updating and rebooting, my Anthias instance seems like it ‘reverted’ to an older version of itself… newer slides added are gone, user authentication I added recently is gon as well. So it’s not just slides, the whole thing is somehow reverting to the past.

I’m not sure where to even start with logs, I’ll supply asked for. I’m wondering if anybody else is having this issue too?


That’s strange alright, I’m still using the older version of OSE, the one that uses uzbl-core, it has its issues but it’s rock solid, so long as I don’t go crazy with the asset sizes.

Dang, I wish I had the older one, it ran great for so long. I’m hoping they iron out the kinks with the new one :slight_smile: I love the direction they’re going with, for sure, but stability isn’t quite there yet.

I’m about to just go clone one of my old installs of OSE cause I just cannot get Anthias to work whereas OSE I have no issues. The pi’s have been running for months and need nothing but a reboot once in a while. Anthias can’t even go a full day, let alone a couple of hours and it’s screwed up.

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