Screenly Forum and edit

Where is this file located with in the screenly-ose or balena file structure? I’m trying to edit the omxplayer so my video will have more of a seamless loop instead of going black at the end of the video before it loops again. Once I find the file how do I go about editing the file, because sudo nano, vi, vim or anything like that will not allow me to open up an editor. I’ve use vi or vim in the past, but either of those “don’t exist” according to error prompt. Thanks in advance

You’re not supposed to edit files inside a container. They’re designed to be static. If you want to make changes, you need to do this locally and then push these changes to Balena.

Yes, but trying to locate the location of this file within the file structure. I was told that’s where I could edit the parameters in that file to help with looping videos. Thank you for the information.