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Screenly .img file

I’m following Screenly’s Youtube installation guide but it’s from 2017 and since then their GitHub page no longer links to a .img file. So how do I install screenly on a Raspberry Pi? Etcher doesn’t accept anything other than a .img file and the only thing I can download from Screenly’s GitHub page is a .zip file with the screenly ose master folder inside.

Do I skip Etcher and just place the folder in the memory card and then boot it on the Raspberry? Or how does this work?

Ok, I figured it out. I successfully flashed the SD card with the .img file but the Pi won’t boot. The red light is on but the green light is off. No blinking, nothing.

This is not true. Etcher supports flashing zip file since a number of versions back. You are probably just running on an old version. In fact, in recent Etcher versions, you can even copy the URL from GitHub and “Flash from URL” directly in Etcher.

Ok, thanks for the info. But I still can’t seem to get Screenly to boot. I have tried Sprint 10.1 as well as Sprint 10 and neither will boot on the Pi. I’m using Pi 4 and I used the latest version of Etcher to flash. The red light is lit but the green light is not blinking at all. What could I have missed?

Yes, for Pi 4, you should do a manual install for best results.