Issues with Setup on Rasp Pi4B


I have 2GB Pi 4 Model B devices I am trying to get Screenly setup on but having problems. All the resources I’ve seen on how to install it have not been good for me.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Load OS to SD card (128GB; I know, it’s overkill)
  2. Load up OS
  3. Create an admin profile
  4. Make sure date/time correct
  5. Make sure OS up to date
  6. Run Terminal: $ bash <(curl -sL
  7. Screenly install loads; Press Y, 1, Y, N, Reboot – No notable errors
  8. Comes right back to desktop for some reason!?!

I have tried CLI and Desktop versions of Bullseye and Buster Legacy but without success. I’ve done this successfully before but it’s been a couple years. What am I missing?? I feel it should be something simple… Thanks in advance!!

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I’m having the exact same issue! This is my first experience using a Raspberry Pi. Like you, I’ve tried installing Raspian Buster and Bullseye variants. I also tried developer and the standard version of Screenly. Nothing seems to work! Following this thread…