Webinterface Not Work

I have installed screenly like this and i cant connect to the configuration Page

Installing on Raspbian

The tl;dr for installing Screenly OSE on Raspbian Lite is:

$ bash <(curl -sL https://www.screenly.io/install-ose.sh)

This installation will take 15 minutes to several hours, depending on variables such as:

The Raspberry Pi hardware version
The SD card
The internet connection

During ideal conditions (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, class 10 SD card and fast internet connection), the installation normally takes 15-30 minutes. On a Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Model B with a class 4 SD card, the installation will take hours. As such, it is usually a lot faster to use the provided disk images.

a bit more details would help… how are you trying to connect to the config page? does the installation complete properly, what does the screen show when screenly boots up?