Change the Resolution of Anthias

@APeters, I recently merged this PR (#1894) that fixes assets playback in 4K displays.

  • What the PR does is increase the shared memory size of the anthias-viewer container.
  • To pull the new changes, run:
# Make sure that you're inside the project root directory.
cd ~/screenly

# Pull the latest changes from the `master` branch.
git pull 

# If you can't pull the changes, you can just add a `shm_size` in the `anthias-viewer` service of `docker-compose.yml.tmpl`.
# You can set it to anything larger than `64mb` (which is the default value.) like `256mb`, `1gb`, etc.

# Restart the docker containers, but you have to do it in a specific way, since `docker-compose.yml` is auto-generated based on the template file `docker-compose.yml.tmpl`.
docker compose down && ./bin/
  • Regarding your concern of having a simpler way of changing the output solution, the simplest that it can get is to add settings via the web UI where output resolution can be tweaked.