Black Screen after setup on Raspberry Pi 4B


I’m having some issues installing the Screenly 2 Player onto some new Raspberry Pi 4Bs I bought from PiShop.

I’m using balenaEtcher to flash them to the SD Cards using this link: I’ve been able to successfully flash and setup two screens now, but the last three are just giving a blank black screen after the initial setup. It never goes to the screen where I get a code to put into the Screenly website.

The Raspberry Pi 4Bs I bought are the Starter Kits on They include the following:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B board
  • Class 10 MicroSD, 32GB
  • HDMI to Micro D cable
  • USB-C Power Supply, 5.1V 3.0A

Anyone have any suggestions? I’m currently unsure how to get to logs on the Screenly OS. The only keyboard combo I was able to figure out was CTRL+ALT+DEL which reboots the Pi…

Hi @lucien.taylor

control+alt+f1 is what you want to use to get to the console.

what do you get when you run the command: ./screenly/bin/

also, what is result of command: docker ps

Hey @ealmonte32 I appreciate the response!

Unfortunately in that black screen, I am unable to pull up the console. I do ctrl+alt+f1, and get nothing.

Thankfully, I had an older version of the Screenly 2 Player image downloaded, and I was able to get it working using the October 30th build. I’m going to put in a support ticket with Screenly for further investigations.

@lucien.taylor Sorry I thought you were asking questions related to Screenly OSE, when you seem to be talking about the commercial version of Screenly, named Screenly 2 Player.