Raspberry Pi 4 B - OSE

Does anyone have working installation instructions for installing Screenly OSE on a Raspberry Pi 4 B ?

I did have 2 other links to some stuff but this forum won’t let me post them!
Following either of those then it all goes ok right up to the point where they tell you to run the cURL command (bash <(curl -sL https://www.screenly.io/install-ose.sh)) then it goes wrong.
On closer examination of this it seems that Raspbian Lite doesn’t include Python like it used to, and at this point I believe that in the above steps we should add steps to install Python. (But Python 2 or 3?)

Basically, most instructions for Screenly are seriously out of date. Maybe you can make some progress with the bove.

Links: HTTP supportscreenlyio/hc/en-us/articles/360042164173-Getting-started-with-Screenly-OSE


I have tried everything with a lot of combinations on a brand new Raspberry PI 4 B. Nothing worked.
I installed older versions of Raspberry PI OS, tried various suggestions on the forum here (rPi4 install not working).
Searched on Github: Screenly bootscreen shows, then blackscreen Raspberry Pi 4B · Issue #1580 · Screenly/screenly-ose · GitHub
After days of testing and many many installs I gave up.