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Brief black pause between graphic slides

I’m having a small issue of after each graphic slide there is a brief pause of black in between each graphic. I didn’t have this issue did all of my units were updated to the latest screenly-ose and balenaOS. All units are pi3b’s. I don’t know if this has to do with some new variable I need to make active that has to do with how the software using video memory or there is another setting I need to make. Like I mentioned before all worked good till the update. All units were on a very old version of both softwares, because I have been running these units for around 3.5yrs no issues. I mean the displays show the graphics, it’s just now there is a brief pause between each one, it is very distracting. I hope there is a fix for this. Thank you to whomever reads this.

What assets types are you using? It’s expected that there is a gab between web/images <> video, because they’re using different software.

Using simple .jpg images.