Transition pause black screen between mp4s

Hi all,

I’ve done a fresh install of Anthias on a pi 3b installing raspian bullseye OS first then Anthias as per instructions and all seems to work fine. But I have a problem with transitions between media, when it’s the turn of an mp4 file there’s almost a 7 second gap of black screen, then the MP4 plays, then the same 7 second black screen then the next media. If load for example jpeg’s and the next media is a jpg, there’s no gap between but whenever an mp4 loads the same thing happens. I’ve tried multiple mp4s and get the same problem each time. Mp4s are in 1080.

This happens if it’s transitioning from a JPEG to an mp4, or from an mp4 to an mp4, or from an mp4 to a jpg and the same when transitioning out from an mp4 to the next media.

The mp4s play fine once they start, it’s just the black screen ‘pause’ issue. Does anyone have any ideas??

As a total side question not at all related, is it possible to have a ‘ticker tape’ at the bottom of the screen in Anthias?

I’ve tried this on my Pi 3 recently, and I also experience the same issue when playing .mp4 files. I’ll try to replicate the issue again so that I can take a better look on what the root cause is. It might have something to do with the viewer (

For details about what the viewer is and what it does, you can take a look at Anthias’ Developer documentation.