rPi4 install not working

Frustration upon frustration. I have been working this on my own for about 8 hours
I install Raspberry OS lite
I run
$ bash <(curl -sL https://www.screenly.io/install-ose.sh)
i see tons of errors and the a request for reboot
The only file in the pi folder is version.md with this for the contents
Distributor ID: Raspbian
Description : Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Release : 11
Codename : bullseye

so I go through the errors
I install python3-pip as python-pip is unavailable
i then install the following by hand

I then run $ bash <(curl -sL https://www.screenly.io/install-ose.sh)
I now have the folders. I reboot
not sure what to do from here. I try running server.py and get no module named pydbus
when I try running host_agent.py and viewe.py… same error
so I run pip install pydbus
server.py produces same error and the other two py files get connection refused.

HELP!!! please

Same problem.
I’m unable to install Screenly OSE on my rasperrypi 4.
It works perfectly on a RP3 B+.


I had the same problem.
My solution was to install Buster OS Lite (Legacy) which included Python.
After them the Screenly installation works

Thanks, I will try it soon!

I tried twice to install it as you said.
each time it result a ‘internal server error’.
Everything seems to be installed correctly but i can not access to screenly paramater and i lose my wifi connection when i reboot my rpi4;
Someone can help me?

Did y’all install the developement version?


Same here :
As 2020-07-17-Screenly-OSE-lite doesn’t seem to boot on my RPi 4 B 2GB, I tried bash <(curl -sL https://www.screenly.io/install-ose.sh) - (development (master) branch, then No to the rest of questions) - after installing 2022-01-28-raspios-buster-armhf-lite
Play recap seems ok, but all I get is a blank screen after the splash screen.
WiFi, Ping and SSH ok, but HTTP access gives me Internal Server Error.

Any ideas please ?

Internal server error would mean the web server is not being reached or the docker container/instance is not running… Have you tried to check the status of all this? got any logs to show?

Without logs and maybe screenshots, it’s hard to help troubleshoot.

Also, bullseye is not supported last time I checked.