Google Presentation problems

Recent problem with Google Presentation (Slides/Powerpoint). It has recently sped up hugely, not obeying the delay I put when I published Google Presentation to the web.
I paste this’ into a new asset, and when it appears in System Info it now says this
Notice all the extra amp;amp;amp etc towards the end. This alteration makes it now not work properly . . .If I paste this incorrect address into a web browser, it does not obey the ‘loop=true’ nor the ‘delayms=10000’.
Why is Screenly (I assume) changing the URL in this way?

This is resolved by my posting on the other topic, but I’ll re-post here as well:

the problem is the way the viewer parses the URL to the browser, you simply need to change the URL from the long google slides one into a bitly one, so that the browser parses normal like this - instead of the long google one with special encoding characters, thus your loop and time delay will be properly executed in the browser… this is your google slides presentation URL in bitly form: , give it a try, you can do that for all URLs that have certain characters in the address…

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Works perfectly, thanks. (I’ve never used before, but will investigate for the future, but your link works fine for my present slides.) Many thanks.

You’re welcome… is just simply a URL shortener, takes your full long URL like your google slides presentation one, and creates a very short redirect URL hosted by them.

Here is how we handle google slides. We made an HTML page with this code in it. Do “view source”. I am not sure if i past it in here it will format properly.

So our volunteers update the google slides and Screenly OSE automatically picks up the changes over time

Yes that is another way of loading the google slides using iframes, URLs, etc, but I already fixed the issue in the latest PR so the master/development branch of screenly-ose will correct the issue and you should be able to load the google slides URL in the asset instead of these workarounds.