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Screenly Won't Load Google Slides

Overview of the Issue

I have Screenly OSE installed on a Rpi4 last week, and added a published Google slides as asset. It was working perfectly fine until this morning. If I add other websites to the asset list (including the original URL of the Google Slides), they show up fine. But when it’s the published Google slide’s turn, the screen just turns black.

I’ve tried re-adding the asset, re-imaging Rpi Lite, and re-adding Screenly OSE.

Reproduction Steps

Steps to reproduce this issue, eg:

  • Publish a Google Slideshow, and use tinyurl to shorten the URL
  • Enter the Asset URL
  • Press “On”
  • Wait for the asset to show up on the screen

Help please. Thank you.

Unfortunately Google rolled out an update that broke this for a lot of digital signage players. We have addressed this on the commercial version, but are yet to fix this for OSE.

We essentially need to disable garbage collection in WebEngine to restore this.