Problem with google slides

Using version production@d12df55 on a rpi 4.

When I add a link for a slideshow as an asset it loads and displays properly. When I edit the asset and change the “Play For” setting, to set a schedule or simply play forever, things break. The slide show will reload but the delay and repeat settings are ignored. It just skips through the slides (maybe 1.5 sec delay but delay is set to 10) and at the final slide it hangs without looping.

It appears to be sticking a bunch of “amp;” in the link after each of the ampersand signs in the original link. Why is it doing this and how do I fix it?


This issue is fixed on this PR which is awaiting merging. Basically what is happening is that the & character is being escaped and thus the google slides part of the URL that controls this gets ignored.