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Image Pixelation

I have Screenly running on a RPi4 outputting at 1080 (hdmi_group=1, hdmi_mode=16) and all Screenly images are very pixelated. This includes the Screenly boot screen as well as any media I load locally or via the web. I’ve ran other OS images and display applications on this Pi and they don’t have an issue. The same pixelation occurs regardless what display or monitor I connect to the Raspberry Pi. Any ideas?

Here are some screenshots of what I am talking about uploaded to ImgBB:

Looks like my photo links are broken here are new ones:](Imgur: The magic of the Internet)\

Does anyone know why it looks like this or how it can be fixed, makes photo content look terrible.

The background looks pixelated… yet the Screenly logo in the middle of the screen looks perfect.

How do your assets look?

Assets show the same behaviour. Anything with solid colour is less noticeable while the more gradated or blended an image is the worse it looks. Blurred and/or washed out photos for backgrounds look terrible. I suspect its just not displaying a wide colour gamut for some reason. It’s like looking at a high res photo on an old monitor that only displays 256 colours.

If I install a typical OS on this device with the same hardware the same images look fine.

That’s odd.
I’m out of suggestions.

Hope you get this figured out!