Raspberry Pi 3 shuts down

I set up a bunch here at a community center, and the Pi 4s are working fine, but apparently something happened to all the Pi 3s, since when I came into work this morning, they had all shut down. They are all only showing a static image at the moment. Any ideas what could have happened?

Well, shut down means something is powered down, if they are showing a static image it means they are still powered on…
Depending on what you are showing as part of your Assets schedule, this is probably something to do with the memory limit and already mentioned in other recent issues posted with the current solution I’ve tested being changing the ./screenly/bin/upgrade_containers.sh mem_limit to .80 or .85 from the current .70.

For reference: Pi lockups after a day · Issue #1722 · Screenly/Anthias (github.com)