Raspberry Pi OS + Anthias + WIFI

Hi, I have a rasberry pi 4b. I installed Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and then installed Anthias using the bash <(curl -sL https://install-anthias.srly.io) command.

When my rasberry pi boots it won’t be able to access the Raspberry Pi OS operating system. The Anthias app is displayed on the screen

What steps do I need to follow to set up the WIFI connection? Thank you

Hi @alist,

You can use the Raspberry Pi CLI configuration to setup the WiFi over SSH.

Step 1: Accessing raspi-config.
Step 2: Navigate to System Options.
Step 3: Select Wi-Fi.
Step 4: Enter SSID and Password.
Step 5: Confirm & Reboot.

You can also find the information here https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentation/computers/configuration.html . please check and let me know. Thanks.

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Hello, following the steps everything has worked perfectly. Thanks a lot

Hi @alist ,

Thank you for providing the update. I am glad to hear that everything worked fine.