WiFi on December-2022 Version?

I downloaded the latest Anthias version (which is December-2022) for a Raspberry Pi 4.
I used Etcher to drop it into the memory card.

After I booted everything, and some minutes… I was able to login via web browser.

In what way can I enable wifi for the system?
Do I have to go via ssh into the rpi?
I’m comfortable with the command line, if that’s the case.

And if so: do I have to modify the memory card in order to permit ssh access?

Thank you!

Anthias is based on Raspbian OS, so to set up SSH you just follow the instructions from Raspberrypi.org website, the easiest being putting the ssh.txt file on the SD card’s /boot/ directory. For WiFi the same applies.
Raspberry Pi Documentation - Remote access

WiFi is under Network Options.
Raspberry Pi Documentation - Configuration

Keep in mind, Anthias comes in a balena OS host version or raspbian OS host version which gets installed via bash script. If you are using the balena version, my reply above does not apply because that one has its own balena OS based instructions for SSH and remote access which you can find the documentation for on balena’s website.

Hi, @greenBucket! Thanks for raising the issue. We’ve tried to add Wi-Fi connectivity support on Raspberry Pi OS Lite and BalenaOS. However, some of those changes broke Anthias, so we’ve reverted Wi-Fi support in instances running RPi OS in the meantime. Changes and fixes are currently underway.

You’ve mentioned that you’re comfortable with the command line (for instance, via SSH). Meanwhile, you can run raspi-config to configure Wi-Fi settings.