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Raspberry Pi Zero 2W support?


Is there any plans for Raspberry Pi Zero 2W support?

I already tried installing but end up getting nothing but the color-test-screen on boot. Both tried image flash and manuel install on rasp os lite

To do some further testing I tried getting ose to work on a Raspberry Pi 4B (2gb). After alot of trial and error I got it running. I now applied some of that on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and also got it running with screenly ose. I want it to run on the Zero 2W because of the power consumption, as this is something that will run all day long 24/7.

Key findings.

  1. I had to do a manual install, I could not get a pre-compiled image to work
  2. It MUST be a ‘Raspberry Pi OS lite (LEGACY)’ image - I did this by downloading the Raspberry Imager program and created an SD card with the Legacy OS.
  3. First sudo raspi-config options (wifi, keyboard (optional), expand disk, GPU memory (optional), SSH (optional))
  4. sudo apt update, sudo apt full-upgrade
  5. run bash <(curl -sL… installer. - I Selected ‘Production (1)’, ‘Network (N)’, ‘Full upgrade (Y)’ although we just did upgrade in step (4), some packages seem to go missing if I dont do it here.

Now step (5) I sometimes had to retry a couple of times. Sometimes with ‘Network (Y)’, but both things work. If the installation does not take 15+ min and show multi colored text, its not working. Try again after a reboot.

Network connection sometimes worked tricks on me. I even once had to use LAN on raspberry 4b to get it to work. So play around with this part, trial and error.