Remote access Anthias

Hey team

Is there a way to remotely access Anthias. I can control it when I’m on the same wifi as the Pi but I would like to access it remotely

Do we run sudo raspi-config and then press option 3 and then 2 for SSH to allow remote access?


Thanks for creating this topic, @ryryexpress! Just to confirm, you’d like to do SSH access on your Raspberry Pi (running Anthias) outside your local network as well (i.e., via the Internet)?

If you’ve installed Anthias on a Pi running Raspberry Pi OS Lite (a.k.a Raspbian), you can give Tailscale a shot, although I haven’t tried it yet. Also, Tailscale offers a free tier for users. Screenly wrote a blog post on using Tailscale with Anthias.

On the other hand, if you installed/deployed Anthias on a Pi with balenaOS installed, we’ve written documentation for deploying on your own balenaCloud instance, which includes steps that you can follow through.

I would love to hear back from you. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ll let you know when I got back to this and tried Tailscale with the Raspberry Pi (at the very least).

Thank you for replying. Yes I would like ssh access outside of the local network.

I installed Anthias via os lite so i’ll try Tailscale :pray:

Where ever I deploy a screenly box, I also install a VPN, specifically, openvpn on a dedicated pi.
Once you establish a VPN connection from outside, you’re essentially on the same network as the VPN/screenly, so you just ssh to the private IP of the screenly box.

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@luisscreenly, thanks for sharing your thoughts! That can be put into documentation (like a how-to) in the future.