Enable SSH on Anthias using disk image

Hi there,

I’m using Anthias through the Raspberry Pi Imager (Other specific-purpose OS). Is there a way to enable SSH on this image?
I’m asking since I’d like Anthias to display an internal web page which has a HTTPS certificate I’m handling. So I’d need to add my root CA to the trusted store on the RPi running Anthias.

Any idea?

Search the forums for how to enable SSH on raspbian OS, but if you are using the Balena OS version, as nico has mentioned in other forums, you cant do this the normal way since the balena OS is not the same as raspbian OS… too much to explain but basically not impossible to ssh into the containers on balena OS but that is outside the scope of some help/support for anthias here, the easiest thing would be anthias running on raspbian OS lite, then ssh is as easy as putting a blank file named ssh.txt on the SD card’s boot directory.

Thanks @ealmonte32, SSH is working now using Rabian OS lite; I’ve got some issues with Anthias installation though and will open a separate thread if I’m not able to get this sorted.

Hello, @diode! We just made updates to the install script, which is used for installing and/or updating your Anthias instance.


As for running the install script on a fresh install, you need to do a reboot and run ~/screenly/bin/upgrade_containers.sh most of the time.

Under the hood

After pulling the images from Docker Hub, the script will check to see if a reboot is required (which is more likely due to doing a dist-upgrade, which upgrades the Linux kernel version from 5.x, which is the default upon imaging Raspbian via the imager app, to 6.x.

If you’re trying to run the script again, given that you said yes for the system-upgrade during a fresh install, a reboot may not be required.

Feel free to create issues and post topics as you see fit. Thanks!