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Screenly and PRTG Maps


i want to use Screenly for my Network Monitoring called PRTG, wich creates nice HTML Maps. But after some time, showing that PRTG Map in Screenly, the screen wont refresh and i have a black Screen. It seems like the whole Pi is not responding.

PRTG Maps can reload them selve every x seconds by a parameter in its URL like “&interval=20” and i think they you a lot of Javascript.

Is there anything that screenly is not compatible with?

I’m pretty sure that we have customers using PRTG with the commercial version of Screenly. It likely works with OSE too, as long as you use the developer version (which uses a newer browser).

Do however note that you don’t want to use the &interval=20 feature, but rather have Screenly reload the page as a given interval. The reason for that is because you’ll run into memory issues at some point otherwise.


i am using Screenly OSE Image for my Pi, how can i change to developer version here?