Screenly OSE Installation on Raspbian

Hey guys. So I spent the better part of today on trying to get Screenly OSE working on Raspbian Lite on a Pi 3B (like recommended in the guides). I first noticed that, on non-legacy I tried to run the install script from github.
The ansible-core installation fails first because the cryptography module fails to build with pip install cryptography and/or pip install ansible-core==2.12 (requires cryptography). Installing python3-crypto does not seem to relieve this. Furthermore, on Raspbian Lite Legacy, pip install ansible-core==2.12 cannot find a version that satisfies 2.12 because the default apt install python3 is version 3.7.3, which is also incompatable with ansible-core 2.12.

Installing new versions of ansible breaks the ansible script. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to isntall this? Maybe on a debian arm instead of raspbian? The balena version is not an option because it phones home, and I’m not interested in that.

thanks for any help.

You must be using an older branch. Do a fresh installation with a fresh clone of the repo. That issue was addressed a few weeks ago.

See this section.

Tl;dr is:

  • Download/install Raspbian Buster Lite
  • Make sure you create the user pi (this is still hard coded)
  • Run the installation script