Screenly OSE Losing Wired Network Connection

For some reason, several of my recent screenly OSE installs tend to lose network connection after a few days despite being hard-wired. This occurs with static local IPs as well as DHCP assigned (and reserved) IP addresses… Any thoughts to keeping the network connections alive?

So many possibilities for this type of issue, it would be very hard to pinpoint it, but we can start with telling us which version of OSE are you using? how does it lose connection? are you not able to ping it? does the display keep showing and cycling through different assets? is it the actual connection lost or is the Pi frozen? what do the logs show?
Obviously this is an isolated issue for you because there are barely any issues with the actual OSE itself being the culprit for losing connection, and more like a frozen Pi due to memory issues, which I speak from experience and which I solved by having cron job restart the pi services or the Pi itself every week on Sunday nights.