Screenly OSE won't show TeamUp Calendar anymore

I’ve been using Screenly OSE for several years and one of the Assets I show is a TeamUp Calendar webpage, such as:

Screenly OSE has stopped showing the full page in the last few weeks. The TeamUp banner shows, but the calendar region has a “Loading” icon, however long I leave it for. Screenly OSE shows other web content via other links, so there is no issue with internet connection

The TeamUp link shows correctly on other systems.

I have updated / upgraded the OS but this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I finally managed to complete a new installation of Screenly OSE on a Pi3B, and now can get these calendar links to show. But installing ScreenlyOSE was a lot harder than it used to be.

I had numerous failed attempts before I got anything that would boot into screenly… Not sure how much was me getting the steps wrong, and how much was due to a quite specific sequence being required. Seems getting exactly the right version of raspbian lite is key.