Short duration daily display of asset


I’m using Screenly OSE on a single screen as an information display- welcoming groups to a space, etc. I would like to have an asset display for a short period of time- like displaying a message that the space will close in half an hour between 16:30 and 17:00 every weekday. I don’t see a way to do that currently. Do I need to write a script or is that something that could be added in the future?


+1 on this.
I have a rolling schedule of assets which need a recurring schedule. Would love a feature for this. :+1:t2::ok_hand:t3:

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The fix for your issue, and the fix for the issue I posted will likely be the same… I want to be able to show an asset for a period of time every year… One fix could do both! Hopefully it is added in the future.

Or could be an easy Cronjob if there was some way to use Cron to automate the showing. (I want to display B-days/anniversaries for the month every year.)

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Agree kberger - we’re all looking for the same thing. Anyone who needs to show recurring assets could benefit from this.

What’s the best way to raise this as a sort of feature request?

Probably to request it through the github page. I’ll see if I can remember my credentials over there.