Repeat Asset Display Yearly

Running the display at an office showing company data (Sales figures/Company Events/Birthdays). I have configured a number of displays for birthdays (Sales data is hosted by a 3rd party company and they handle updates to their site, Screenly just shows it). Birthdays are a PNG (requirement was simple for anyone to use, so PNG’s are easier than a config file). Can I set the assets to “repeat” every year? I have them set up for the next 11 months (plus current month), and would just rather not have to edit them every year to just make it 20xx+1 instead of 20xx. (Basically remove the year from the display requirement). I have no issue setting up some kind of script in the backend, just not sure what I need to do. (I am a programmer, and familiar with Linux, but boss wants this easy to work on for anyone… Not something I disagree with, so trying to make it even easier!)

Running on a Pi 3B+, direct HDMI connection to TV, and Ethernet networked. (Original attempt had issues with WiFi, reinstalled but already had hardline setup.)

hmm. I am trying to understand what it is your scenario looks like so bare with me since you did not attach any screenshots with annotations etc just to show some examples, and it’s hard to understand exactly what you’re trying to do…

When you say configured a number of displays, do you mean added “Assets” (ex: URLs, images)? and you yourself take these assets and upload them to the screenly assets schedule, or since you mention third party hosting data, are you saying that the employees or others, are going to this third party company website and uploading their PNG files and your URL asset shows these there? sounds like a simple published Google Slides where people can just have editing rights to upload images to a slide and the published Google Slide automatically reloads and automatically goes from slide to slide showing all, and sales data etc is a separate asset…
I dont understand why you would need a config file to show birthdays? this can simply be a shared birthday calendar again hosted in google for free and users would just add their birthdays and you can show this shared calendar URL and the assets repeat every year on the google calendar when set as that type of event, and they will never need to be “edited” every year… I have this setup for a school running google calendar customized to show only the month view and all events are shown, this URL (asset) goes on and then the next asset is the google slides showing multiple images and information that the shared slides file contains and users edit this file whenver they want from their comfort of their computer and when screenly gets to display that asset, all up-to-date slides are shown… works like a charm…

again, if what i am saying doesnt make sense let me know and pls explain a bit more exactly what you;re trying to do, maybe show some screenshots with annotations… that would help.

Sorry, I think I put a little too much information. The part that is actually relevant to the question (and my need) is the PNG’s. I do mean Assets. I upload them myself, direct to the Pi. We don’t want to use something like GCalendar. (We are an exchange house, so GCalendar would be annoying to get rolled out.) I just want a way to show the PNG’s every (it’s december now, and I will have to reset this month’s to next year in about a week so let’s use this month) “December”, regardless of the year. We do not have a huge turnover rate (most employee’s have been here for 5 or more years, in a 42 year old company). Ergo we shouldn’t need to edit it too often.

As I said in the initial post, if I could use the existing interface for Asset management, and just make the “year” field optional, from the “start/end”, or even set up a Cronjob to run every 12/31 at 23:59:59 that changes all the year values to “N+1”. I have a couple theories, but most of my limited scripting knowledge in linux would do “all” assets, and I don’t need it to edit all of them. I also can’t do the “forever” option, as I don’t want to display all the birthday/anniversary date’s every day. Just the relevant ones for the month.

I also want to apologize for the late response, thought I had responded last week.