Update header Notification doesent disappaer after Update


Anthias told me there is an available update through web, so I run the upgrade command line /home/pi/screenly/bin/run_upgrade.sh.
After the upgrade was done, the notification did not disappear, so I tried it again, but it wouldn’t disappear.

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

@Blizzarts, this is a known issue that needs to be fixed.
If you’d like to dig deep, the following part of the code needs to be changed:

The is_up_to_date function checks if the latest commit SHA (fetched from GitHub) is equal to the commit SHA stored in the Docker images.

Here’s a possible solution: Since the Docker tags of Anthias images has the short commit hash as the prefix (for instance: Docker), we can check for the latest commit hash, Docker-Hub-wise. This can be achieved by doing an API call. For instance:

curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/namespaces/screenly/repositories/anthias-server/tags | jq

Well, we can do the same thing by using the requests Python library.

Hey thanks for the response, I directly pulled the newest docker from docker-hub, and now it works, the notification disappeared.
thx for your help :smiley:

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Glad it helped. Thanks!
I created this GitHub issue so that I can come back to it later: Fix: Update header notification doesn't disappear after update. · Issue #1880 · Screenly/Anthias · GitHub. I’ll let you know when I created a pull request,