USB Support instructions

Hi guys, I’m setting up Anthias/Screenly OSE where there’s no network available. I’d like to throw all of my assets on a USB drive and have them autoplay from there. I’m struggling to find instructions on how to enable usb support.

What I’ve gathered from other posts is that there should be an option under settings to write an authentication/config file to the usb drive directly from the UI which would allow me to throw my assets on the usb drive - but I don’t have any USB options under settings.

Can somebody help point me in the right direction?

Hello, @droob. Thank you for raising this issue. USB support hasn’t been taken care of for a long time. If we are to look at templates/settings.html, we can see that the USB assets section is wrapped in a condition.

{% if not (context.is_balena or context.is_docker) %}
    {# Show the USB assets section #}

This means that the USB assets section will only be shown if OSE/Anthias is not running in Balena and is not running in a Dockerized environment (which is not the case anymore). Screenly OSE has been transitioned to using Docker years ago. This implies that it will never show up on an RPi OS Lite instance.

Let me create a GitHub issue for this matter.

Again, thanks!

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Thanks for the reply! I’m looking forward to having that option!

In the meantime, is it possible to change my asset directory to the /mnt/usb?

(I tried to set this in the screenly.conf file but with no luck. I assume this directory would need to be added to docker but didn’t want to dig into that if its not viable)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I haven’t dived into that further. Upon looking at the source code, it’s not viable to make USB assets work with the minimal changes (manual steps and workarounds) possible. If we were to modify the Docker compose file, we still need to modify as well. The main compose file is written to pull the necessary images from the Docker Hub.

We’re in the process of overhauling the Anthias documentation to make it more user-friendly and developer-friendly.

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