Video blackscreen

I have just installed Anthias on a Raspberry PI 3B with 1GB of memory.
I can display the website but when I download a video, a black screen appears (only a black screen, I can’t see the other elements). The player seems to be broken.
I can’t find a log for this problem, maybe someone can help me?

Another problem is that I can’t download large videos (~95mo), is this normal?

I hope you can help me.

Hi @Ctix ,

Are you able to access the Anthias Admin panel from your computer? also, make sure the HDMI cable and you selected the correct port.

Yes, I am able to access to the admin panel and display website, only video is in trouble.
Best regards,

Any update ?

Thank you

Hi @Ctix,

I would have to ask some more details:

  • How did you install Anthias?
    • Did you install it via the installer script or by flashing the release images?
    • If latter, what version did you use?
  • How are you adding the video assets?
    • Are you adding it via a YouTube link?
    • Or are you uploading a video saved locally?

I installed Anthias by the automated script.
The version is : master@48e427b

I tried both, from youtube or locally same result, I also tried to upload the video on a simple HTML page, also same result.

Thank you,

Hi Ctix, I tried to reproduce the issue. For me, I had a black screen issue initially with a low-watt power supply and it’s worked well once I changed.

Could you please try an ethernet connection and use a better power adapter and let me know? How it goes?

also, could you please share the Youtube link you tried, I can try my self and update.

The power supply is the one bought with the raspberry.
I tried to update anthias, now I have an error when I start containers.
I think I have to create a new image, this topic can be canceled.
Thank you.

@Ctix, I can close this topic later. If the issue still persists, can you provide logs?