How long does it takes to boot up?


A newbie to Raspberry Pi and Screenly. Can someone please advise if I am doing it correctly.

I have load OSE the long way by first loading Raspbian then from command line OSE. It took overnight to get it done on my Pi Zero W with a class 4 8GB SD card. I then use Win32Imager to copy to a new 16GB SD card. On boot up, it seems to go through more or less the same as the setup routine and takes best part of 15 minutes to boot to the purple splash screen with the IP address. Is that the sort of time needed to boot up?

I did a proper shutdown on OSE via the settings page, so the SD card shouldn’t be corrupted. On checking the SD card, I can still see a FAT32 partition with all the installation files. Should I delete them?

Any help is appreciated.


Sounds like either a hardware or network issue (or possibly a corrupt disk image). The boot should normally not take more than a minute or two (perhaps slower on a Pi Zero W, as it has a slower CPU).

Thanks. I will re-do the image and try again.

I would also strongly recommend using Etcher instead, as it verifies the flash.

I did it with Win32Imager too. With a Raspberry Pi 3B the startup till your Assets screen takes about the time vpetersson said to boot. I tried the same SD card with an Pi Zero W and it tooks about 9,5 minutes. So i think the long booting time depends on the slower Pi zero.