Anthias Displays White Screen instead of Jpg assets

I Installed Anthias on about the 10th try using Raspbian and the install script I found on this forum. I currently have about 30 jpg images installed as assets and it seems nearly every other asset displays a white screen instead of the image. This behavior isn’t tied to the image itself, some time an image will display and the next time it may not. Nearly every other asset is displaying this behavior, so it’s quite noticeable.

Version: master@7b559ef
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5

I miss the old OSE, that thing just worked.

Hi, @Erik. Would you be able to provide details about the display that your Anthias instance is using? (resolution, whether the display is FHD, UHD, or anything else)

It’s an amazon fire TV.

I’m going to guess this issue is related to:

I see a possible solution was posted in the comments:
“Set the shm_size to 1gb in the docker-compose.yml this will fix it.”

where in the file does this need to be added? I’ve added it about 6 times to the file, but I don’t see any improvement.


@Erik I just merged this PR (#1894).
To update, you can follow the commands in this GitHub issue comment.