Wifi not working


I recently supplied 8 screenly OSE Pi 3Bs to a site and when they tried to setup with wifi they were able to connect to the pi and choose a wifi network but when rebooted they were unable to log on to the wifi even though they had the password. This happened on 6 of the 8 Pi’s. In the office here I recreated the fault, I then connected up via the LAN socket on the Pi to the same network the AP was on and then when I disconnected the cable the Pi was then able to connect to the wifi. Is this a known issue? The Pi’s were supplied in Oct last year and the version of Screenly was production@d12df55.

Old production version of screenly OSE is not really supported anymore for many reasons so I dont think you will get a lot of troubleshooting help for this scenario.

What I can advise on is that next time, you should create a wpa_supplicant.conf file ready with the wireless info for the place they are being deployed at and copy this file to the Pi’s SD card’s /boot/ directory, this will automatically load up on boot of the Pi and join the wifi you have specified on the file.

This is the tool I use to generate the wpa_supplicant.conf files: Wireshark · WPA PSK Generator

Enter the password for the wifi, and enter the SSID, then click Generate PSK.
When you get the result of that, create the file as I mentioned and enter the information on it as seen on this example:

If you entered all the information correctly and copy the file into the SD card /boot/ folder of the Pi, this should automatically join the Pi to the specified wifi upon boot.