Wrong font when displaying website

Hello, i have a Raspberry running Screenly OSE (free).
We use this to display a website, in the websites CSS file it´s configured to display the “Helvetica” font.
However when we display the website it displays it with another font.

Is there any way to change this?
I tried to create a font folder under /etc/pi/.fonts and manually import it into the and do a restart but that unfortunetly didn´t work.

I have the same problem, sans serif fonts are not displayed. My system is Anthias / screenly-ose-pi3, Host OS Version is balenaOS 2.107.10+rev3. Is this a bug or a limitation of the free version?

these comments are for non-balena based Anthias since that’s where I troubleshoot the most…

The browser is pre-compiled and things you want displayed need to be installed prior to containers being created, anything you change in hosts /etc/ do not go into the containers afterwards, so if you know which font package contains the fonts you want, add it to the Dockerfile for viewer, then run your ./screenly/bin/upgrade_containers.sh file with the --build parameter, forgot which one is being accepted now.
Basically you need to build the containers with the fonts-package already inserted in there, search for one post where we advise a user on japanese fonts and follow those same instructions.