Ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't works on Anthias

Hi, i have upoload image file for my raspberry pi3 b+ with balena and the device start and works fine, but if i try to enter in terminal mode for change IP address by press ctr+alt+f1 nothing happens. I use a normal usb keyboard. I would really appreciate a little help. Regards.

balenaOS is not Raspbian OS so control+alt+f1 is probably not a thing… I am not 100% but I dont remember this being capable since it uses BusyBox (or Yocto?) not RaspiOS.

Hi, i have downloaded new Raspberry Pi Imager, then i have installed Anthias on my micro SD card with the Raspberry Pi imager choosing “other specific purpuse” then Anthias. Result: ctrl+alt+f1 doesn’t work… Any idea ?

I dont use raspberry pi imager sorry, I use balenaEtcher.
I dont know why the way you are doing it with pi imager and selecting anthias doesnt work, I can only help if you use the custom option and flash the card with the raspbian bullseye lite 64bit one, i havent been testing the pi imager with anthias option to know what’s wrong.

Ok, i’m going to try Raspbian Bullseye lite 64bit with Raspberry Pi Imager v.1.7.3
I too have always used balenaEtcher and the screenly ose image file taken from gifhub until today.

It works! Thank you.
But this means that i can’t use balena etcher to upload Anthian’s image on my sd card?

What we did was manually install anthias/screenly-ose, the images provided on the github page might not be up to date and i normally dont test those so just to help you get up and running i just did the manual install since i know that works…