Doing a reinstall - everything is different and the documentation isn't accurate. What am I missing?

Raspberry Pi 4B, 64bit Lite OS

I previously installed Anthias and it was working well. It stopped working for an unknown reason and I figured that I would just do a quick re-image to get back up and running.

The documentation has been … problematic. No image is available in the Raspberry Pi Imager any longer. There is no pi/raspberry login now. After learning the magic ctrl-shift-x Advanced settings key combo I got the OS to install and was able to SSH successfully. I updated the OS, rebooted, then ran the installation command as per the docs [bash <(curl -sL] and saw a number of errors scroll by during the installation process. Afterwards I have a screenly directory with nothing in it.

I remember this being an easy installation and setup using the image. What changed and how do I find up-to-date documentation? I’ve searched this forum but only see comments about the new RaspOS Lite having many changes. I’m guessing the docs haven’t caught up yet?

Is there a new procedure to install Anthias on a Rasp 4B?

Apologies, I’m admittedly very frustrated by the documentation.


  • Thanks for pointing those out. I agree, there are parts (most of them) that needs work.
  • A new release — v0.18.7 — has recently been created. You can download a Balena-based image that you need from there; for instance, You can image it using balenaEtcher.
  • Anthias images has been brought back in the Raspberry Pi Imager.
  • Recent changes also allows for installing Anthias on Pi OS Lite running Bookworm (at least for Pi 3 and Pi 4).

Moving on, feel free to list things that you’d like to include in the documentation. You can also create a pull request or a GitHub issue if you want, stating what needs to be added or what needs to be restructured.

EDIT: I created a GitHub issue for this matter. Don’t hesitate to put some comments here: Overhaul the documentation · Issue #1870 · Screenly/Anthias · GitHub.