Ctrl+Alt+F1 won't work properly

My buggy Pi’s (see Can't login a second time ) won’t let me do Ctrl-Alt+F1. The first one just shows a black page for a few seconds, then it goes back to displaying images again. The second one showed a login prompt, but on top of the image. I entered the credentials and got it, then it swapped image and everything was “covered”, for lack of a better word, and I couldn’t do or check anything.

i had a similar problem and i have a little work around for that.
in fact the login prompt is only covert, so you can switch the tty and login blind, in case is actually prompt new cli output over the image and the next covert it over again.
So i have a script in the Home Dir that simply stopped the Anthias-viewer container:


if [ $(docker container list -a |grep anthias-viewer |awk '{print $8}') = Up ]
        echo "stop container"
        docker container stop $(docker container list -a |grep anthias-viewer |awk '{print $1}')
        echo "Starte container"
        docker container start $(docker container list -a |grep anthias-viewer |awk '{print $1}')

This stop the container when it is running and start it when it is not.
while the container is stopped no content is displayed and when its started the content is displayes again after a few moments.

… this is simply because if the Anthias Viewer is running and you hit ctrl+alt+f1, it will get you to the console login prompt, but as soon as another asset loads, your screen will most likely turn back into the viewer… so simply turn off your assets if you plan to access the Pi directly on the host, otherwise you should be using SSH to get into your Pi host…