From viewer back to console then exit glitch?

Can someone try to reproduce this:

  1. during the viewer on any asset, go to console with ctrl+alt+f1
  2. log in
  3. then exit again typing exit
  4. the viewer should now be back on but if you try to go back to console (ctrl+alt+f1), you will get invisible text…

Since i know what i am typing even if i cant see, i type pi, then the password, and i know i am logged on because you can see the background change…
Then, I type exit again here, and then it brings me back to console but this time I can see the letters…

So, I am wondering why on the second ctrl+alt+f1, it turns black/invisible, but upon an invisible login there, and typing exit, it shows the screen, like reloads the console.


This is not all that unexpected. Basically you are switching TTY. If I’m not mistaken, there is an automatic fix in place that should clear that after some time. Also, it’s not something you’d expect to run into during normal runtime environments.

Gotcha, I’m just OCD like that when I see something that doesn’t seem normal.