Does Anthias support Raspberry Pi 400?

I want to know that Anthias support Raspberry Pi 400. (
I found this explain on the GitHub page:

Anthias works on all Raspberry Pi versions.

But I can’t find “Anthias for pi400” from Raspberry Pi Imager. So I just downloaded “Anthias for pi4” but only showed Anthias Logo with a purple background and nothing worked. (ctrl + alt + f1 is not works too)

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Having the same question. I have Pi400 on my desk as a test setup for projects.
The Pi4 image does the same as above post.
Will try to install on Raspberry Pi OS, maybe this way can get it to work.

I’ve had trouble on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ using the recent images and install script with the CTRL+ALT+F1 functionality. That said, if you’ve gotten to the purple Anthias image, did you try accessing the device’s web interface remotely? Once setup, the device isn’t intended to be directly interacted with, it is essentially a standalone kiosk slideshow. You’d want to access the device over the network (ex: http://raspberrypi.local) to access its web interface and add some assets (slides) for it to then display, well…anything.

Do note that after adding, you need to also activate your assets.

Has anyone had success getting this working on the pi400? I am driving myself crazy lol