Imager version vs OS Lite


Just new to Anthias and this forum.
I received my Pi 4b and micro sd today, and just imaged Anthias onto it with Pi Imager. Waiting for micro HDMI cable to arrive tomorrow.

Curious, as I read the below on the Github page for Anthias:

If you’d like more control over your digital signage instance, try installing it on Raspberry Pi OS Lite

What areas generally speaking does this “more control” become of benefit?
I am sure these might become apparent as I start using it, but it would be good to hear from experienced users what the main benefits of this are.

If you’d like to customize the display, add features etc. For example, I added a ‘Now Showing’ menu option where you can see what is on the display in the Web interface. I also customized the background, look/feel etc.