Installation of network agent

hello, here is a somewhat convoluted explanation of some issues i am having -

i manage raspberry pi’s for signage that all run the ose 2020 image/soma add-on. when reimaging/redeploying one of these recently, i noticed the add-on installation fails with some error regarding the build process of raspi2png - this led me to seek out a newer screenly build, which ultimately led me to anthias.

anthias installation works fine from a 64-bit lite installation on an rpi 3b+ - the add-on installs and functions correctly now as well. my issue now is with management of the device - in my environment, we use a network agent to inventory/push package updates/centralize management. as part of my process, i install the agent on the raspberry pi in order for it to talk to the management backend. the installation of the agent itself completes without issue, however the device does not actually populate in the back end database. i suspect this is due to the newly implemented docker configuration, as it seems to be quite different from previous versions of screenly.

can you explain why the network agent cannot communicate with the backend db? all basic troubleshooting has been done, eg. communication with the server, like i said i suspect the docker env/virtual network adapters are somehow preventing the agent on the RPI from communicating correctly. i would like to be able to use anthias in my environment, it works well and i am quite familiar with it at this point. however, installation of this network agent is a requirement. any help would be appreciated.