Network agent with anthias

i use a network agent with raspberry pi’s for management that previously had no issue installling/connecting to the backend DB - however with the new version of anthias and implementation of docker containers, the image fails to install correctly and connect to the server. any help would be appreciated.

More details are needed, some logs as well.
If I understand correctly, you installed some third-party extra package as an agent on the raspberry Pi, and with this network agent you were managing the Pi? sounds like you are wanting to do something that isn’t part of Anthias but want it to work with Anthias?

well, if you are simply trying to install it on Raspbian host then the logs would simply be in /var/log/ so just type in console journalctl and it will show all logs, you can use journalctl -r to reverse the order and show the latest logs at the top, you can also do journalctl -f and this will “follow” the logs and show a stream of them constantly as you do stuff, thus if I were you I would open up two SSH sessions, one where the journal ctl follow option is running, and the other where you are running the installation of the kace network agent package, and then you will see if any errors come up during installation on the logs running…
Otherwise, the only error I can see happening is if you are trying to install the agent into one of the containers and sort of integrate it, which wont work just like that and would be completely out of scope of anthias support.
But, if the network agent simply needs access to the Pi host and its interfaces/networking services, then you should be able to install this just fine on the host… which is why we need logs that show what the error is, otherwise cant be much help.