Internet not working once Anthias is installed

Hi there, so the issue I’m having is I want it to connect over WiFi, it works absolutely fine before anthias is installed on both WiFi and Ethernet but as soon as I install Anthias neither WiFi nor Ethernet work anymore. It also says “antias nginx’s server ip address could not be found” when it is booted up. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Happy to supply information on request

Hi @jpr , Could please you let me know the device model you are using? also, how did you install the anthias, via Balena or script on Raspberry pi OS?

It’s the 4B and it was a script on Raspberry Pi OS

Hi @jpr, Thanks for sharing the specifications. There might be an issue with the NetworkManager so did you see any issue or error log while installing in the CLI?

Also can you please confirm the OS version? Is it a bookworm or a Bullseye? Thanks.

Version name: 2022-09-22-raspios-bullseye-arm64-lite
I didn’t see any kind of errors during the build process, I have reflashed the pi and ran the script again to still no avail

That’s strange. Do you see any activity on the Ethernet light or is the device listed under the router-connected devices?

I pressed ctrl + alt + delete and restarted the device and now it can ping things on the network which is a good sign but it is still saying “anthias-nginx’s server ip address could not be found”

Looks like there is still a network issue as Anthias can’t access it. Can you check from the router setting and see if there is any port that is blocked or if any firewall prevents it’s accessing the network? or try to put the Anthias on DMZ mode, so that it can access all the ports and check.

We have 3 other pi’s running Anthias on site and they’re working fine so it can’t be a firewall or port issue, It’s not exclusive to Anthias, I cannot ping

That’s good to know, and all are using the same network?

from your computer? Looks like an issue with router settings. Not sure 100%.

Apologies, I cannot ping from any computer so ignore that. All the Pis are on the same Network. The Pi can be pinged and can ping other network devices successfully

Thanks for the clarification. So looks like a network or routing issue.