Embarassed but must ask


A lot of people are having fun with Anthias. I would like to do the same. Please help me.

My understanding of the threads here (and naive assumptions) is that after installation I could point the browser to the address of the Anthias server. Unfortunately:

  • With Chrome, I receive the message: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
  • With Firefox (v120.0), I receive the message: Unable to connect

I can SSH to the Anthias server from the same desktops that are unable to connect via HTTP. Port 80 is not blocked to the best of my know (monitoring tools say so :grinning:).

  • What are the recommended steps to get at least a home page display up and running on the Anthias server?
  • Which docs should I read to improve my knowledge/understanding of the post-installation steps (for validation) so that I can try the recommended diagnostics instead of blindly posting first?



Installation steps:

  • Image SD card using RPi Imager with RPi Bookworm OS Lite (64-bit)
  • Run the widely advertised installation common bash script; requested full upgrade, no errors reported

Hi, Bookworm support still ongoing and you can see the PR here https://github.com/Screenly/Anthias/pull/1836 , If you want to experiment, please use

cd && \
echo "export CUSTOM_BRANCH='fix-installer'" > .env && \
bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicomiguelino/Anthias/fix-installer/bin/install.sh)

Instead of regular script - please note, it’s still experimental.

This guide will go through the installation, setup, and how to use Anthias to discover seamless usage in digital signage management. Setting Up Anthias on Raspberry Pi for Digital Signage :desktop_computer: - Hackster.io

Please check and let us know. Have a nice day.