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Hi all

I have discovered an issue with displaying JPG files on my Anthias PI.
I first have installed Anthias by using the native Anthias image in the PI Imager. With this, I had the same issue I will describe in this post.
Then, after reading this Forum post, I could get Anthias working fine at home with my 50" Sony TV and full screen JPG images.
Then I have moved the PI to the target location and experienced the same issue:
JPG files are not displayed in full screen. They have black bars at all sides. I have testet with different JPG resolution, but for all <= 3000px I have black bars. for every JPG > 3000x, I only see a white screen.

Movies, or websites are displayed normally with full screen.

I also have tried to reinstall Anthias with usage of the target Samsung TV, but without good results.

So what could I have done wrong? The JPG images are just exports from ja Powerpoint (with the correct 4k or HD resolution).

Do you have any ideas?



Hi @AndreasRabo ,

is this issue only on the JPG images or all over the content that is served via Anthias? Could you please check and let me know?

Raspberry Pi will set the screen resolution from the first boot, so if you are using another screen/display for the setup and later move, it might be an issue similar to this. Please check and let me know.


This is only with images. Websites, or Youtube is working in fullscreen.
I have tested it many times now and I figured out that before the white screen is popping up, the real image I would expect is shortly visible for a second.

And I have installed Anthers directly with the TV where I have the issue.


can you share test image you used, I can test my self and get back to you

not working

working, but with black borders

Hi AndreasRabo,

I have the same problem here. With the picture of your post 3840x2160 it is working but it seems like it is wrong size. When I download it has 1920x1080.

For my own test I was trying with:
1824x1368 → Working
4608x2184 → Not working

Did you found a solution for this so fare?

Found this now: New Screenly ose can't handle high resolution photos

Did you check the Resolution settings of your TV? Maybe try Point ti Point resolution and setup the same Resolution on your pi through raspi-config

I tried adding high-res images on a 43" display, but I can’t seem to replicate the issue on my Pi 4 and Pi 3B+.

Here are the image assets that I’ve used 5472x3648 & 6720x4480:

EDIT: For some reason, the images uploaded were resized, but you can download similar images from