No reset wifi option in Anthias Settings page

I have been using Screenly OSE and for various reasons decided to move to current Anthias version on my Pi 3B+. I was unable to get the pre-built images to work, so I started with a Raspian install from Pi Imager and then added Anthias. During that installation I told it to not control the network (and I am certain I do not fully understand the implications of that choice).

I have Anthias running and showing assets, but all the configuration has been done while connected directly to ethernet. In transitioning to be wifi oriented, I used raspi-config and provided it my local wifi SSID and passphrase as the network configuration. Anthias seems to work fine over this while disconnected from the ethernet.

However, I still don’t see an option on the Anthias settings page to reset the wifi; even if I turn off my local wifi there is no automated Access Point page appearing. I am no Docker expert, but I notice there is a Dockerfile.wifi-connect.tmpl file, but “docker container ls” makes no mention of a wifi-connect running (it shows nginx, viewer, websocket, celery, radis, and server images active). How do I get the Access Point page to appear?