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Setting resolution for a single webpage asset

I have a single webpage asset that does not scale to our 4k screen, as it has been hard coded to 1080p (for a myriad of reason that I don’t want to get into. It will be resolved eventually by the web team). Is there a way to tell that specific asset to display at 1080, while the rest are at 4k? Or to force it to display that asset at (not sure if the math is correct) say 200%? Thanks!

as far as I know the adding of an asset does not allow for manipulation of the actual view of page, since it is just fetching a URL… you would need to change your code (CSS/HTML/JavaScript) on the actual page you are adding, and set the zoom variable you desire as default…

But… if you want to test something out which controls the zoom of ALL the assets because it is a change on the actual uzbl browser that screenly uses, you can change the setting here:

sudo nano ./.config/uzbl/config-screenly

and underneath the “set on_event…”
add this line:
set zoom_level = 1.5
pretty straightforward what it does… 1.5x zoom of the page loaded…
the problem would be that this would mess up every other page by also zooming in those pages to this size… so this is why i think it is best you edit the code on the webpage itself rather than on a browser…

Thanks for the quick reply! That’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure. That will work out for the best anyway as the page is due for a facelift. We will just add that task to the web team’s list. Thanks!

4K support isn’t supported yet in Screenly officially. It may work, but we haven’t tested it. It might work for web and images, but will not work for videos due to a known limitation in omxplayer. We’re happy to take contributions towards getting 4K support working however.

can i use same logic to set window position and size?
According to UZBL Documentation
geometry: Geometry and position of the Uzbl window. Format is

I tried this way but I didn’t get success:
set geometry = 1280x740+0+0
In the execution of my videos I was able to change resolution and position by changing my file in the following lines

  `  def view_video** (uri, duration):`

    logging.debug( **'Displaying video %s for %s '** , uri, duration)

    **if** arch **in** ( **'armv6l'** , **'armv7l'** ):

    player_args = [ **'omxplayer'** , **'--vol'** , **'-6000'** , uri]

    player_kwargs = { **'o'** : settings[ **'audio_output'** ], **'_bg'** : True, **'_ok_code'** : [0, 124], **'win'** : **'0 0 1280 720'** }

    **else** :

    player_args = [ **'mplayer'** , uri, **'-nosound'** ]

    player_kwargs = { **'_bg'** : True, **'_ok_code'** : [0, 124]}

I need the web pages to be the same size.

thank you!